Principal's Message
We at Winslow Township School #5 believe that all students will learn. Therefore, it is our responsibility to guide them not only in academic achievement but also, in self-esteem.

The goal of the ninety staff members of Winslow Upper Elementary School #5, which serves approximately six hundred students in fourth, fifth and sixth grades, is to focus our efforts on providing a safe and empowering environment for learning. Motivation will guide students, parents and staff toward the expected outcome of academic excellence.

The Winslow School #5 staff is committed to making learning interesting, challenging and exciting. Our teachers are sensitive to the needs of the students as individuals, working closely with them in the various subject areas. All are encouraged to do their best and take pride in their accomplishments.

Learning is a process, not a product. The staff at School #5 work tirelessly to make sure that the process in not interrupted. Our academic philosophy emphasizes cooperative learning and hands-on learning experiences. Classroom teachers utilize a variety of teaching strategies beyond the regular textbook programs throughout the school year, such as Differentiated Instruction, Writing with Spice and Guided Reading.

We believe in a strong ongoing partnership with the parents and guardians for our students’ academic successes, social and emotional development. We believe student achievement is directly related to continual parental involvement. The success of Winslow School #5 will continue to grow with the strong connections between school and home.

Winslow School #5 has dedicated themselves to giving back to the community. This was evident in many of our community projects. Some activities included: Grandparents Day, Township Canned Food Drive, Animal Shelter Donation Drive, and Parent Visitation Day. In addition to the projects, various charitable events were held in which the school raised thousand of dollars. The charitable foundations including: Jump Rope for Heart for the American Heart Association, Junior Diabetes Walk.

The Winslow Township Upper Elementary School #5 continues to strive for excellence, one student at a time. Our staff continues to create a trusting and mutually respectful school community. They do everything within their power to make each student’s experience rewarding and fulfilling. The common goal of administration, staff and parents is to provide students with a strong foundation as they grow into responsible citizens capable of competing in an ever changing world.

Dr. Nython Carter